Burnin Diesel Change to "Aggressive Thread"

Starting Jan 1st, 2018 Burnin Diesel Apparel will become Aggressive Thread. 

Starting Jan 1st, 2018 Burnin Diesel Apparel will become Aggressive Thread. The reason for this change is because the fashion giant DIESEL is contesting my request for the trademark of the name BURNIN DIESEL because they feel my name will confuse their customers. Even though they have absolutely nothing to do with the diesel truck community, nor do they even market towards us. 

This sort of behavior is referred to as trademark bullying and as I have found out, pretty common among powerful companies. The reason I am choosing not to fight their senseless appeal is that I feel they have more financial resources than I do, and I don't really feel that the name of my company is as important as the quality of my designs. 

I hope that my customers will continue to follow my designs as the quality and uniqueness will not be affected. I will continue designing the same badass designs under the name Aggressive Thread. Please be sure to share this with anyone you know that loves their Burnin Diesel Apparel, as I know they will also love Aggressive Thread. 

Thank you for reading, and keep on truckin!

Ryan Grandinetti


Tim @ Mon, Jan 08, 18

Where did all the 7.3 t shirts go? It says page not found!

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