Diesel Drags at Byron Dragway

Diesel Drags at Byron Dragway

Froze my ass off at the Diesel Drags in Byron Illinois today. We saw some badass trucks run though!

This truck is badass! Chevrolet Silverado custom single cab 2wd short bed with a twin turbo Duramax.  This Baby ran a best time of 9.98 @140mph today!

Custom single cab 2wd short bed 9 second Durmax

Some other pics from the day- including these two awesome rigs:

  1. The one on the left is a 1950s Chevrolet Apache Duramax conversion that was built for sled pulling. This truck ran a very respectable 12.0 sec in the quarter. Not bad for a sled puller, eh?
  2. The right truck is a 1985 Scottsdale body on a 2003 Silverado 2500HD Frame. It has a built and tuned single turbo Duramax and runs really well too. I think it ran in the 12s too. This truck was also built for sled pulling too.


1950s Apache Duramax Conversion and a 1985 Scottsdale body swap on a 2003 Silverado 2500 Duramax Frame


All three of these trucks were built by Calibrated Power Solutions out of Woodstock Illinois http://calibratedpower.com/

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